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You love your home find yourself continuously running out of space. The perfect solution to this dilemma is a room addition to your already favorite floor plan. Not only expanding your square footage but significantly increase your home's aesthetic and overall value. With an emphasis on cost-effective solutions we take away the stress of having to search for a new home, and sell your current home. Tired of walking up and down the stairs? We can build you a downstairs bedroom and bath.  From consultation to design to installation, we are here to help you navigate this journey.

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We know the drill: ADU & building regulations are constantly changing. That’s why before we put plans together, we’ll act as your contractor –– navigating all of the red tape so you don’t have to and ensuring that however we bring your dream to life, it’s up to code and free to be used exactly as intended. During this part of the process, we’ll hire subcontractors as needed, as well as coordinate all aspects of inspection, zoning, and permit gathering. 

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Here’s where you make your ADU, Remodel or Home Addition your own. During our design process, we’ll guide you through selecting features and finishing details that all add up to a comfortable, unique, and entirely custom space to call your own. And while you’ll be free to take your ADU, Remodel or Home Addition in any direction you want, don’t worry –– we’ll be here from start to finish to offer our opinion and ensure that you’re making the absolute most of your soon-to-be space.

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This is the part of the process you’ve been waiting for –– when your dreams become reality! After your ideas have been translated into blueprints, we’ll break ground on your ADU, Remodel or Home Addition. During the construction phase, we’ll keep you informed of progress, down to every last detail. As we manage your build, you can expect regular check-ins, calendar updates, and more along the way. 

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SoCal Casitas empowers our clients to add flexible, liveable space onto their property, making way for the potential of passive income, added comforts, realized dreams, and more. 



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